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Bachelor's Academic Regalia

Caps and Gowns for Bachelor degree graduates.


academic regalia ... where price, quality, and quick delivery come together, for the benefit of the customer!


We offer Bachelor's Caps and Gowns in three quality levels:

  • Deluxe bachelor gowns (superior quality, similar to custom made but at "off the rack" prices);
  • faculty quality bachelor gowns (rental / classic quality -- not as nice as deluxe, but very long lasting); and
  • Student graduation bachelor gowns.

Each college cap and gown set comes individually wrapped with a cap, gown, and dated tassel.

In addition, academic hoods (bachelor's graduation hoods) are also available for purchase.

Regardless of which gowns you decide to get, there are several advantages to purchasing caps and gowns instead of renting them: Fewer headaches. Eliminate confusion and delays caused by measurement, pick-up, and drop-off lines. Because you own the gown, you only need to buy it once, and it's yours for keeps.

The "Never-Worn-Before" feeling. Since you own the gown, specially packed in a sealed plastic bag, you don't have to worry who wore it before you. No one; it's brand new-and all yours!

Innovative designs and fabrics. Our new fabrics give a bright, fresh look and feel, in whatever color is selected.

Quality construction. Fine shirring and close attention to detail give our full-cut gowns a luxurious appearance. These gowns also feature a quality zipper closure which is color-coordinated to match the gown.

Exact sizing. Our caps and gowns are manufactured in a variety of sizes to fit college graduates as short as 4'9" or as tall as 6' 8".

The Student Bachelor's Gown

Each set comes individually wrapped with a cap, gown, and dated tassel.

Prices depend on the total number purchased, as we offer quantity discounts.


Each cap and gown set comes individually wrapped with a cap, gown, tassel, and year date on the tassel. Color choices include white, gold, royal blue, light blue, gray, purple, black, navy and maroon/burgundy. Select your style and color, and the quantity you want to order.

Pricing (each) for Student Souvenir Bachelor's Regalia
1 - 6 sets $48.50
7 - 12 sets $42.50
13 - 24 sets $36.50
25 - 49 sets $32.50
50 - 100 $28.00
101 - 249 sets $22.00

bachelor's cap and gown

If you are looking for a higher quality gown, one which is RENTAL QUALITY, designed to be worn over and over again, year after year, as a means of saving the cost of annual rentals, we instead recommend our "classic" rental quality gown:

The faculty Bachelor's Gown

A superior quality gown, priced to own, and made to be worn over and over again:

Two wide front pleats, two smaller side pleats, and fluted across the back and shoulders
Classic Styling, similar to rental gowns of superior quality
Fluting provides fullness to the body of the robe and the sleeves
Made of Pilgrim Cloth (same fabric as our Deluxe Gown) - lightweight and practically wrinkle-free
Comes with traditional mortarboard and dated tassel
Each set comes individually wrapped with a cap, gown, and dated tassel.
Prices depend on the total number purchased, as we offer quantity discounts.

These gowns normally require 6-8 weeks to make in all colors except black.

Pricing (each) for Classic Bachelor's Academic Gowns
1 - 7 sets $85.00
8 - 12 sets $ 80.00
13 - 24 sets $ 75.00
25 - 49 sets $ 70.00
50 - 100 sets $ 65.00
101 - 249 sets $ 60.00
250 or more $ 55.00

In addition to the above, we also offer a DELUXE off the rack bachelors gown, comparable in fabric, design and tailoring to fully Custom Made gowns, but at "off the rack" prices.

The Deluxe Bachelor's Gown

Top of the line! The look, feel, and quality you would expect from a custommade academic gown, but for hundreds of dollars less!

Finest quality fabric and workmanship
Each gown is individually inspected before shipment to customer
Very full cut, it falls in graceful folds and is most becoming to all types of figures, both male and female
Features 7" extra fabric (approximately 60 inches wide in the girth) for a much fuller cut
For Full figured (plus size) gowns + 10 inches to 70 inches
Made of Pilgrim Cloth - lightweight and practically wrinkle-free
2-1/4" hem on bottom and 1" hem at sleeve
Comes pressed on hanger and ready to wear
Please note: These gowns are made to order. Please allow approximately 8 weeks for delivery. If you would like to order one of these gowns, but cannot wait, we may be able to send you a loaner gown which you will return upon receipt of your custom gown.

Pricing (each) for Deluxe Bachelor's Academic Gowns:

1 - 7 sets $185.00
8 - 12 sets $180.00
13 - 24 sets $175.00
25 - 49 sets $170.0050 - 100 sets $165.00
101 - 249 sets $160.00
250 or more $155.00

We do NOT need to know the head size for the mortarboards, as we use the more comfortable "one size fits all" elasticized caps, which are preferable to the old-fashioned "sized" caps. We do need to know which size gowns you need.

Bachelor's should be ordered by height. If ordering multiple gowns, please let us know how many gowns you need per size range (below):

4'9" -- 4'11"
5'0"-- 5'2"
6 '0"--6'2"

If you also require a HOOD for your Bachelors/Career Degree, the hood prices would be as follows:

Bachelors Hoods:
Deluxe bachelor's academic hoods $120.00
(use deluxe bachelor hoods for both classic and deluxe bachelor gowns)
Souvenir Deluxe bachelor's academic hoods $48.50
If you are ordering an academic hood, we will also need to know the name of the school you graduated from, and the city and state (since some universities have several campuses, and we need to know which campus, in order to put the appropriate colors on the hood, as often time they differ from one campus to another, even within the same school). Or if you are a school making a purchase, please let us know your school's colors (for the lining) and the degrees for the velvet.

Graduation Accessories

cap and tassel

Pricing for Cap and Gown Accessories

Additional caps with tassels (no gowns) $15.75

Additional tassels (no gowns or caps) $4.75

caps and gowns
Gold honor stoles with "Honor" imprint $15.75
Gold honor stoles without imprint $12.75
Gold honor chords $8.75
To order, send us the following information:

Name and title of the person ordering

Name of School or Organization
Billing Address with city, state and zip
Ship-to Name (if different from above)
Ship To Address
phone number
alternate phone

For Gown:

Type of regalia (Deluxe, faculty or Student Regalia
Color of Caps and Gowns (normally black, but if not, be sure to specify); Color of Tassels
Year Dates on each tassel or No year dates?
For FULL FIT individuals, needing PLUS SIZE gowns, please list them individually by HEIGHT AND WEIGHT separately, after listing the regular gowns, above.
For Hood
DEGREE (for velvet)
School and City you graduated from (some universities have several campuses. We need to know which campus you graduated from, as often the colors vary from one to another). .

Date Needed

UPS Ground S/H

This is usually the least expensive way of shipping, especially when ordering

4-6 weeks before you need to have the regalia delivered:

For 1-10 units, $8.50 for first set; $2.00 each additional sets. Example: 5 sets would be $8.50 <first set> + (4<add'l sets> @ $2.00 each) = $12.50 s/h

For 11 sets or more, 6%

subtotal (quantity of sets x price per set) for shipping/handling/insurance.

Example: $450.00 order.

$450.00 x 5% = $22.50 s/h

For extremely urgent RUSH shipping via Fed-X AIR (i.e. last minute) please contact our office!

Payment Info

SPECIAL REQUESTS, confirmations, etc. Anything different or special about this order we need to know about, be sure to let us know.