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PhD Hood - Doctoral hood Page

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academic hoods phd hood

Left: PhD hood on deluxe doctoral gown (with black velvet).
PhD hood on deluxe PhD gown (with PhD blue velvet).

cap and gown Following a custom established in the 14th century, modern-day scholars display their academic achievements by wearing academic graduation hoods on their commencements together with their academic gowns and caps.

All of our university regalia strictly complies with the guidelines set forth by the Committee on Academic Customs and Ceremonies, appointed in 1959 by the American Council on Education.

An academic hood is comprised of a fabric shell (usually black), "degree velvet" and "school lining".

The velvet of the hood represents your degree. For a Ph.D., the degree velvet is rich royal blue, or PhD blue.

For other doctorates (non PhD) or degrees, the hood velvet colors are listed below:

Agriculture -Maize
Arts / Letters / Humanities - academic hood velvet: White
Business / Accountancy / Commerce - academic hood velvet: Drab
Communications / Journalism - academic hood velvet: Crimson
Dentistry - academic hood velvet: Lilac
Economics - academic hood velvet: Copper
Education - academic hood velvet: Light Blue
Engineering - academic hood velvet: Orange
Fine Arts (including Architecture) - Brown
Forestry - academic hood velvet: Russet
Journalism - Communications / academic hood velvet: Crimson
Law - academic hood velvet: Purple
Library Science - academic hood velvet: Lemon Yellow
Medicine - academic hood velvet: Hunter Green
Music - academic hood velvet: Pink
Nursing - academic hood velvet: Apricot
Oratory (Speech) - academic hood velvet: Silver - Gray
Pharmacy - academic hood velvet: Olive Green
Philosophy - academic hood velvet: PhD Rich Royal Blue
Physical Education - academic hood velvet: Sage Green
Public Administration (includes Foreign Service) - academic hood velvet: Peacock Blue
Public Health - academic hood velvet: Salmon Pink
Science - academic hood velvet: Bright Gold
Social Work - academic hood velvet: Citron
Theology (including Divinity, Ministry, Religion) - academic hood velvet: Scarlet
Veterinary Science - academic hood velvet: Gray

doctoral hood

Customized deluxe J.D. doctoral hood with doctoral gown.
Purple velvet on both gown and hood to represent Law.
Bright gold piping added to both gown and hood.

In addition to the degree colors, each school generally has its own colors. These "school colors" are represented by the colors of the satin lining in the back of the hood.

As we have THOUSANDS of schools in our data base, we cannot list them all here. Instead, when ordering, just let us know which school you graduated from, and we will look up the colors for you.

academic hood

Deluxe MBA Master's hood with faculty master's gown.
Navy & White lining. No additional piping added.

As each hood is custom-made according to your school colors, degree colors, and type of degree (BA, MA, or PhD), we ask that you give us about +/- 8 weeks to process your order, especially during the graduation season. What if you don't have that much time to wait? No problem -- ask us about our free loaner hood program!


Deluxe quality PhD hoods / Doctoral hoods

Notwithstanding the discipline velvet colors listed on the top paragraph, the correct velvet color for all PhD hoods is dark blue, representing the mastery of the discipline of scholarship attested to by the awarding of the Ph.D.

On the other hand, the correct velvet color for all non-PhD doctorate holders (as well as masters and bachelors) would be that of their particular field.

That means that while a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) would receive light blue velvet, but a PhD in English would receive the dark blue velvet. Similarly

a non-PhD Doctor of Science would receive Gold velvet, but a PhD in Science would receive the dark Blue Velvet.

a non-PhD Doctor of Engineering would receive Orange Velvet, but a PhD in Engineering would each receive the dark blue velvet.

To avoid confusion, it is very important therefore for all doctors ordering hoods to clearly specify whether they are a PhD (and would be receiving the dark blue velvet regardless of their field) or a Doctor of …

For that reason, we offer the option of added piping on our PhD gowns and hoods, for example light blue piping for a PhD in education; scarlet piping for a PhD in theology, etc., such that PhD's in fields other than philosophy can "show their discipline" at the same time that they show their PhD.

Generic gold piping is also an option for doctors wanting to "dress up" their gown and/or hood.

doctoral hood

Deluxe Ed.D. doctoral hood with doctoral gown.
Light blue piping added to both gown and hood.

Piping is often added to customized doctoral hoods to match doctoral gowns with piping.


Deluxe doctoral gown and Ed.D. doctoral hood.
Gold piping added to both gown and hood.



Deluxe Customized PhD gown and PhD hood.
Light blue piping added to both gown and hood
to represent PhD in Education.

The price for deluxe hoods with piping is $145.00
The price for deluxe hoods without piping is $130.00
The price for souvenir - student hoods (no piping) is $80.00

academic hood

Deluxe PhD hood shown above, with gold piping added.
Royal & Gold lining.




cap and gown ... where price, quality, and quick delivery come together, for the benefit of the customer!



Additional information (for those who don't overwhelm easily) about doctoral regalia, PhD and doctoral gowns and hoods, and this web site.

This is the academichood (specifically the PhD hood) page of capsandgown dot com

Capsandgowns .com specializes in providing deluxe, rental and custom doctoral and PhD regalia for university professors and faculty members, as well as students' graduation cap and gowns.

Academic regalia for faculty members holding doctorates normally include a doctoral gown (or PhD gown), an academic cap (either a mortarboard or a doctoral tam) and an academic hood.

This page deals specifically the doctoral hood and PhD hood.
This page can be accessed either from capsandgown or directly at PhDHood dot com (

People often use the terms phd_hood and doctoral_hood interchangeably -- and quite often people will call and say that they have a doctorate in music, when in fact their degree is a PhD in music. Or the reverse: someone might call and ask for a PhD hood in music when his/her degree is a doctorate in music.

This is understandable, since a PhD is a doctorate, and most faculty members with doctorates teaching in universities have PhD degrees.

However from an accuracy in ordering point of view (that is, to be sure we give each person the correct hood for his/her degree), we generally like to differentiate between these two terms (phdhood and doctoralhood), since not all doctoral hoods are PhD hoods.

The difference between the two is that a PhD in music would receive PhD blue velvet; a doctorate in musical arts would receive pink velvet (since pink is the velvet color used to delineate music).

Similarly, a PhD in Education hood is not the same as a Ed.D. - doctorate in Education hood. Whereas the Ed.D. graduate would receive light blue velvet on his/her hood, to signify education, the PhD would receive the dark blue velvet.

For that reason, we ask people to specify their degree when ordering their regalia: PhD in Music (so we know to use blue velvet) OR Doctorate in Musical Arts (so we know to use pink velvet) when placing their order.

For that reason, individuals with PhD's in fields other than philosophy, often elect to have us add their discipline color, as piping, on their deluxe PhD gown and/or hood, to show the area of their degree.

Although we strive to keep deluxe PhD gowns IN STOCK (together with doctoral tams and deluxe and faculty doctoral gowns) we make our academic hoods to order, owing to the fact that their are thousands of schools out there and there is no way to stock each degree hood from each school at all times. Nevertheless, in cases when the customer needs their hood sooner than that, we can often help out by offering our customers free loaner hoods.

An example would be if a customer ordered PhD / doctoral regalia a week before their need date. As stated, we generally keep most doctoral and PhD gowns and tams in stock. What we would do, therefore, is ship the PhD gown and Tam immediately to the customer and include a generic loaner PhD hood in the box, so that the customer has full academic regalia to wear (their 'real PhD gown; their 'real' PhD tam; and a 'loaner' PhD hood). Then when the "real" hood was ready (+/- 8 weeks later), we will send it to the customer direct from the factory, and the customer sends us back the loaner PhD hood.

There is no charge for loaner PhD hoods provided that the customer returns them to us as soon as they receive their 'real' phdhood. This way, it would be available to others in the same situation.


phd gown

Above Deluxe PhD Gown (in stock) and Tam (in stock). If needed, we can RUSH SHIP these to customer upon confirmation of order, toghether with a loaner PhDhood (no extra charge), until 'real' hood is ready -- then just send back the loaner hood.


More information about our custom doctoral gowns and PhD gowns and PhD hoods can be obtained by clicking the appropriate link above or we would be happy to send by e-mail (

You can also reach us by phone 412-422-GOWN (412-422-4696)